13 September 2005

Comprehensive regulation changes for 2006

A testing ban, a changed qualifying format, longer races, the admission of 2002 to 2004 spec cars and a new trophy: these are the significant regulation changes regarding the 2006 Formula 3 Euro Series season. The regulations of the Formula 3 Euros Series have been changed comprehensively for the 2006 season. This has been decided by the Deutsche Motor Sport Bund (DMSB) and the Fédération Français du Sport Automobile (FFSA) together with the Formula 3 Euro Series Vermarktungs GmbH. The goal of these changes: to even increase the Formula 3 Euro Series’ attractiveness and cost-efficiency and to make for an even better support of young gifted drivers.

Events 2006 - one Qualifying Session only, Race will be longer
At next year’s race weekends there will only be one 30-minute qualifying session. The qualifying will decide the grid for the first race. This will be run over a minimum of 110 kilometres or a maximum of 40 minutes. The result of race 1 determines the grid for the second round, with the top eight starting in reverse order. The Sunday race’s distance (80 kilometres and 30 minutes respectively) meets the 2004 standard race distance. While the proven scoring system - that is also used in DTM and Formula One - will be used for the longer race on Saturday, only the top six will score points in the Sunday round (from six points to one).

This new format ensures that the Formula 3 Euro Series will remain one of the most attractive young gun series world wide. The gifted young drivers will race at five Formula 1 circuits at least and most of its round will be held as part of the DTM, representing a top-class environment. Hence, the Formula 3 Euro Series places emphasis when it comes to marketing thus offering the young drivers on its grid a solid base for a further career in formula racing. The successful TV-coverage on Premiere (D) and Sport+ (F) is to be continued and even extended.

Formula 3 Euro Series Trophy to be introduced
Next season, 2002 to 2004 spec cars will be eligible to compete in the Formula 3 Euro Series. Specifically for drivers of these cars the Formula 3 Euro Series Trophy will be introduced. This Cup comprises of seven events of the Formula 3 Euro Series. Participants of the Trophy can also score points for the Formula 3 Euro Series title. Drivers older than 22 years of age will not be eligible for the Formula 3 Euro Series Cup.

Tests - Hockenheim and Magny-Cours free
As of 1st November, 2005, a comprehensive testing ban will be in force at all circuits of the 2006 race calendar. Exceptions: Hockenheim and Magny-Cours. The testing ban will be valid until the rounds at the respective venues have been held. A participation in the Masters at Zandvoort will officially not be regarded as testing. From 1st December up to the end of the 2006 season, each team will be allowed ten test days per entered car. In addition, there will be two official test days held prior to the season at Hockenheim as well as five official test days to be held on the Thursdays on the eve of the races held as part of DTM weekends.

Hermann Tomczyk (Vice-President of the DMSB): “I am convinced that the substantial changes of the regulations of the Formula 3 Euro series represent an important step regarding the future of the Formula 3 Euro Series. The new Trophy is of significant importance to me. We offer our young talents an additional chance to develop their skills in a professional environment and to distinguish themselves. I am convinced that the new Cup will make the Formula 3 Euro Series even more attractive for young drivers. I am certain that the admission of the 2002 to 2004 spec cars and the comprehensive testing ban represent steps in the right direction. This was of special concern to me.”

Jacques Regis (President FFSA): “The trophy offers young gifted drivers the chance of competing in a very professional, media supported series. Furthermore, it provides new teams with the opportunity of entering the series. The new sporting regulations will make for even closer racing, thus increasing the Formula 3 Euro Series’ attractiveness. While the limitation of the days of testing is an important step on our way to clearly reduce the costs.”

Walter Mertes (Managing Director Formula 3 Euro Series GmbH): „The regulation changes even increase the Formula 3 Euro Series thrill and attractiveness. The planned TV coverage extension in Germay, France and the rest of Europe offers drivers, teams and sponsors the chance of prersenting themselves to an ever increasing multi-million audience, helping them to better market their successes.”



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