24.02.04/ F3000 (insight F1)

Official Testreport of Olivier Tielemans F3000 in Jerez 16.- 18 February 2004

Picture: insight F1

Olivier managed to get three laps just at the end of the day on Monday in order to ensure that the revised pedal and seat belt positions were suitable.

The Tuesday was the first day of the official FIA test and aging the start was delayed due to poor visibility, but the track was considerably drier than on the previous day although still damp. Olivier took this time to familiarise himself with the track and settle into the car. A slow but confident start witch also improved witch each outing.
Olivier completed 23 laps in total on his first day on used tires and although his time posted was the slowest of the day, felt that he had done a competed job although he say that his driving position was perhaps not the one that was the most comfortable in the car and modified the steering wheel closer to him, this certainly reduced the fatigue in his upper arms for the following day.

Picture: insight F1

Olivier had his second session in the car in the afternoon of Wednesday, whilst the track was not at its best as far as lap times were concerned Olivier set out to improve on his performance from the previous day. With the modified steering he felt more able to position the car and when given the run on new tyres was able to improve his laptime by around two seconds, this indicated to he could certain feel the improved grip level available the new tires

His response to the direction given by fellow drivers and his engineer was positive and his interest in his performance was encouraging, over all he performed beyond expections while still keeping the car within a safe and maximising the track time available.

If there is any criticism to be made it is that Olivier´s overall fitness is in need of some attention.

Marian Hamprecht ( Teamowner ):
" Olivier did a respectable job, because he comes from a category with the half of the power
he found with the F3000 car, and on one of the most difficult Circuits we can find. He never
risked the car and tried to get much as possible of experience. All in total I will say he showed
more professionalism than we could expect "

Sam Boyle ( Teammanager ):
" Olivier was very professional with everybody, and he made a clever job without any big mistakes. If he had more kilometres on this track, he could do a better laptime. But anyhow
we always had confidence when he went out "

Frank Funke ( Car Engineer ):
" I was surprised of the professionalism of Olivier, with such less experience on Single Seates, and his young age. His way of interest and work out on the car impressed me. His laptime will improve quick when he get´s more kilometres, but physically he has to improve much more. The car took a lot of power of him, witch limited him a bit to much."



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